Listen to What They Don’t Want us to Know

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Thanks to truth seekers, whistle-blowers and the general awakening of our species,  the reality of how the world works is out there now and it’s evident who the system has been set up to serve.

It is common knowledge that the monetary system is based on lies, politics is governed by the greed of the big corporations/banks and the well-being of the planet and it’s inhabitants is secondary to the growth and prosperity of the elite. Now we know all this, it’s time to look at what else they’re trying to hide from us. A good place to start is in cases where they’ve failed, such as this Ted Talk:




I love a good Ted Talk, especially one that has been banned. ESP is a bit of a wishy-washy subject, however science has concrete evidence that it exists so maybe we should be asking; what is it we’re not supposed to know about ESP? Could the CIA’s interest in it be for use as a weapon against us? And if this is the case, could the tables be turned? Or could ESP be used for the further development of our consciousness leading to a much needed global shift away from our current conditioning that ties us to the system?


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