Alternative Solutions for a Sick Society

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With my ever increasing mistrust of the pharmaceutical and medical industry I am always on the lookout for alternative practises that promote good health, wellbeing and longevity. My intuition tells me that what we consume has a large part to play. I also believe there to be answers in ancient traditions and other cultures.

I have just come across this interesting article on that not only discusses the secret to longevity being foods that we have already heard good things about (such as goji berries and ginseng), but also the exercise of the five rites, which is a series of short exercises, similar to some yoga moves and are said to hold mystical, age-reversing powers. See here for the full article

I think we really need to start pushing for research into alternative solutions. The pharmaceutical industry obviously has an invested interest in the monetary value of their “service” rather than an interest in the health of their fellow humans. And of course the medical industry, although it does do some astonishing work, has to follow the guidelines of organisations such as pharmaceutical companies because the funding for research into alternative solutions just isn’t there. If it was, I’m sure we would discover a wealth of information, be able to greatly improve our health and put the pharmaceutical industries out of business in the process. I just hope I’m still around to witness it!



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