New Media Takeover!

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It has taken me a lot of deliberation and consideration to work out who these “powers that be” are that I keep referring to. If we knew who had caused all this mess, then this would surely lead to possible solutions towards clearing it up.

With a little help from Adam Curtis as well as the constant bombardment of political coverage it is now evident to me that although politicians aren’t the squeaky-cleanest of folk; they are not entirely to blame for the state of society. They may walk the walk and talk the talk, but it’s all just spiel, banter, and really they are just as clueless as the rest of us. They don’t know who the enemy is, they don’t know how to make things better and they are powerless to the deterioration of the human race.

The next contenders in this blame game are the banks and big corporations (pharmaceutical, energy, weapons…) I’m quite sure that these conglomerates are major contributors to all that is wrong with the world; power, corruption, greed and their counterpart’s materialism, consumerism, inequality and injustice. These fat cats are only as big as the power that we give them however. If we no longer need their services, their empires will fall.

This leads me to the power of the media. We are not being shown an unbiased, correct view of the world. We are being manipulated, lied to and the truth is being covered up. We need a new media that shows what is really going on; what the fat cats are getting up to, and the alternative solutions available in order to break free of the system. So much is already going on to reach this goal. But we aren’t getting to hear about it. Instead we hear about imaginary or over-exaggerated enemies, the state of the economy or pending global catastrophes such as diseases, wars and Armageddon. Anything to keep us scared, keep us controlled and keep us spending.

We need a new media solution – Radio stations, television stations, newspapers that show that it is possible to be happy and healthy without reliance on this consumerist society. The less people being scared into submission and instead seeing positive steps towards change, the more likely they will be to join the revolution. We are living in a technological age where such a solution should be easy to achieve. In fact I’m sure people are already on this quest. If you have heard of any alternative television/radio stations, newspapers or any other alternative media I would love to hear about them!



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