A Cyclical Conundrum

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dystopia 4 How do you choose what’s important when trying to take actions towards a better world? Anti-Capitalism/consumerism/materialism, social issues, environmental issues? Intolerance, prejudice, lack of freedom? Each one is as important as the other or intrinsically linked and cannot be separated.

Do you choose to bring awareness to this dystopian society, educate people against the values they have been educated to follow? Or do you look to our environment; the one thing we should connect with most in this world, and our brothers and sisters who are individual pieces of the same puzzle. Do we use science to make people understand? That we create our own reality through conscious intentions. Quantum physics could put to bed even the most draconian views of our existence. (Even the pope cannot deny science it’s reverence!)

Or do you start with yourself; try to resonate with the world and it’s inhabitants? Understand the benefits of good health and wellbeing. Maybe this is the key to a better world; if we were all healthy and happy we wouldn’t want for the things that society makes us believe we need, to fill the void.

Which brings me back to Anti-Capitalism/consumerism/materialism. How can we live a healthy, happy life when the only resources we have because of a glutinous monetary system based on imaginary currency, provides our means of food, energy and healthcare. And anything that isn’t part of this, or isn’t killing us slowly, pumping us with chemicals is beyond our budget.

It’s a never-ending circle, fuelled by discontentment but tainted by the realisation of the scale of the problem. So where do we start?



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